About Us

About Tarun Niketan Public School

Children are virtuous manifestations of God. When exposed to various novelties and oddities of life, they react in different ways, which reflects their instinctive understandings of the phenomenon around them. We at Tarun Niketan Public School are sincerely devoted to uphold the legacies established by the divinely inspired educators. We seek to draw out maximum benefits from education without missing out on the fun and sweetness of childhood.
The school a capable and committed teaching staff that believes that effective learning ca only take place if there is a harmonious partnership between the home and school. We have designed our curriculum in such a way that the latent talents of our students are tapped to the fullest and they became efficient, responsible and ideal citizens of tomorrow.
We aspire to harness the progressively growing potential of technology to foster consistent individual and collective growth of our students and teachers by creating opportunities for leadership in exploration of stem learning and development of innovation aptitude at all levels of the school. We perceive cultural, sports and student leadership domains to be is important as academics.